Friday, December 9, 2011

Smartphone App Developer Says He Was Trying to Track Actions to Create Race of Cloned Smartphone Users

December 2, 2011 – The developer of the smartphone app discovered last week that tracks the actions of users says his intentions were to model the typical phone use of people for scientific purposes. Under oath of embellishment, Mikvi Goblohov stated that the mobile phone features, such as texts, Web use, and keystrokes, were being monitored so his company could produce a race of human clones that survived by using smart phones.

By tracking the actions of users on their phones, Goblohov said this was vital to the project. The next step is to feed data from millions of smartphones into a supercomputer. A model based on the average activities of a smart phone user will then be created, based on Globlohov’s secret records. Using these data, a master program will be fed into the brains of the clones, which will constantly be using the phones. If they stop they will immediately turn to bones.

Goblohov’s representative said that the clone’s brains would be hard wired to a new type of phone. “Much of their biochemistry will rely on the radiation emitted by cell phones. It will be amplified and be necessary to control most brain functions, in effect taking the place of neurotransmitters,” the unidentified representative said.

The human clones, thought to currently be developing in a chamber deep under Pedukah, Kentucky, will also require the cell phone radiation to run much of their biological metabolism. A large cell phone tower in the vicinity is thought to be providing the radiation needed to keep the growing clones alive. Each clone will be programmed to only want to text, surf the Internet, or do something on their phone, according to sources familiar with the program.

Sources have thus far been unclear on how many clones there are or what the eventual total may be. Goblohov said a significant number were in bio-production. “The first generation are sort of a test,” he added, “If they proliferate, there will be many more (evil laugh).”

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